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Press Release

Pal Mar Presents Their Latest Single "Despiertos": 
An Ode to Spontaneity 
and Passion

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Colombian band based in Melbourne, Pal Mar, is pleased to announce the release of their latest single, "Despiertos," available on April 12.

Melbourne, Australia - March 30, 2024

"Despiertos" marks the next step in Pal Mar's musical evolution, blending latin pop with sounds of dancehall and afrobeats that create a contagious and energetic mix. The song invites listeners to immerse themselves in the present moment, leaving behind fears and worries, and embracing love and connection. It's an invitation to live without reservations, to risk it all for that special relationship, challenging the fear of the future and embracing the present with intensity. This song captures the essence of living without inhibitions or worries.

The music video, produced by District Down Under, is a visual representation of the connection and synchrony between two people who fully surrender to their feelings. With the notable collaboration of dancers Felipe Coral and Natalia Cuervo, the video conveys the idea of vibrating on the same frequency, without resistance, in a world where only the present moment and the connection they feel for each other matter.


Isabella and Juan, both musicians and producers, composed the song, with the collaboration of Samuel Huertas in production and mixing, to give a fresh touch to this composition.

"We're excited to share 'Despiertos' with the world," says Isabella. "It's a song that reflects our passion for music and our determination to live each moment to the fullest. We hope this song resonates with our fans as much as it does with us."

About Pal Mar:

Pal Mar is an emerging Latin Pop band originating from Colombia, currently based in Melbourne. Their incredible passion for music has captured the attention of diverse audiences in Australia. Isabella's amazing vocal tone, combined with Juan's incredible guitar skills, takes listeners on a musical adventure to the tropics, infused with Latin American rhythms.

They have appeared in various media outlets and stages, including radio stations SBS, 3CR, PBS, the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020, the St Kilda Festival 2023, and, more recently, at the Melbourne Recital Centre in collaboration with The Boite in 2023.

Contacto: Juan Pablo Salebe Rico


Pal Mar is an emerging Latin Pop band from Colombia. Isabella's astonishing vocal precision and tone mixed with Juan's effortless guitar playing takes you on a musical adventure to the tropics informed by Latin American rhythms. They've appeared on several media outlets and stages including SBS, 3CR, PBS, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020, St Kilda Festival 2023 and most recently Melbourne Recital Centre in partnership with The Boite.

Pal Mar expertly weaves together a diverse mix of stories and cultural influences, creating a vibrant tapestry of rhythms and genres. Drawing on their Colombian roots, Pal Mar’s original compositions and musical arrangements range from pop to Latin, bossa nova to tropical, showcasing the versatility of their language skills and cultural background.

PMR-12-Fondo nubes.png

"Su repertorio se caracteriza por composiciones inspiradas en el amor, la esperanza y optimismo frente a los desafíos que la vida nos trae, por una amplia fusión de géneros musicales, y por la versatilidad de idiomas en sus canciones y espectáculos."

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